• Yiling health food vitamin calcium softgel immunity improving

Yiling Health Food Vitamin Calcium Softgel Immunity Improving

calcium and vitamins. As its name suggests, these tablets are very pure and are accurately composed. People appreciate these tablets for their outstanding quality and efficiency. These tablets are excellent for bones and the entire human body, and they consist of water, glycerin, gelatin, calcium carbonate, and vitamins. It’s an efficient dietary supplement. We can supply your vitamin calcium soft gel tablets at reasonable prices.



Model No YLBJSP32
Shelf life 2 years
Packing size 1100 milligrams in 100 tablets
Gross weight 18.5 kilograms
Supply ability Ten hundred thousand boxes per month



People use our vitamin calcium soft gel for various purposes, and you can use it to meet their needs. Here are some of the typical applications of our high-quality vitamin calcium soft gel

1 People can use it to prevent or treat low calcium levels in the blood of people who fail to consume the required calcium levels through their diets.

2 People might use it for treating medical conditions like osteoporosis, i.e., bone loss and osteomalacia, or rickets, i.e., weak bones

3 People might use it for treating the medical condition hypoparathyroidism, i.e., parathyroid gland’s reduced activity and a specific muscle illness called latent tetany.

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