• Yiling health food Pueraria lobata EHD soft capsule Dietary Supplements
  • Yiling health food Pueraria lobata EHD soft capsule Dietary Supplements

Yiling Health Food Pueraria Lobata EHD Soft Capsule Dietary Supplements

These Pueraria lobata capsules are excellent dietary supplements as they have such exceptional benefits on the body. Taking them regularly significantly improves the health, especially the liver's health. It is made to take good care of the liver and protect it against all sorts of health problems. The body quickly absorbs these capsules, and as soon as they start digesting, they start improving the body's health. It is loaded with nutrients that help the intestine, heart, liver, immune system, glucose metabolism, hormonal balance, and more related to the body.


Function Nourishing the Stomach & The liver
Type Dietary Fiber
Dosage Form Softgel Capsule, Soft Capsule
Certificate ISO9000, ISO22000, HACCP
Shelf Life 24months
Gross Weight 9.6kg
Carton Size 420*540*280mm
Packing Size 500mg*60 capsules/bottle 96 bottles/carton
Supply Ability 1000000 Box/Boxes per Month
Packaging & Delivery Port




  1. Used for helping with menopause.
  2. Used for improving cardiovascular health, cardiac tissues and lipids, and cholesterol levels.
  3. Used for immunizing the body.
  4. Used for glucose metabolic conditions by diabetic patients.
  5. Used for maintaining hormonal balance.
  6. Used for improving the health of the intestine.
  7. Used for taking care of the liver.
  8. Used for its nutritional content.