• Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Medical Safety goggles are one of the most critical medical instruments in the protective clothing industry. These safety goggles are made up of the highest quality Polymer plastic and have been long-lasting for several years. We offer top-of-the-line safety goggles along with medical protective suits that provide you with a complete seals around your eyes with zero penetration.


Our safety goggles have passed all the quality and safety procedure tests and certified according to US ANSI Z87+ and German DIN EN 166 & EN 170. They provide you 100% crystal clear view and 180-degree viewing angle. The best part is that all of our safety goggles are UV proofed and block 99% UV light.


You can also wear these safety goggles over your glasses, and they're made up of anti-fog material to prevent fogging and moisture. They come with soft elastic straps to adjust a snug fit. The goggles' frame is made up of a Polyvinyl Chloride frame, and the lenses are made up of a Polycarbonate lens, So you have a clear view.



Product Name Safety Glasses
Usage Eyes Protection
Instrument classification Class I
Material Polymer Materials
Size Adjustable
Color Clear




Medical safety goggles are not just for medical purposes, and you can use our premium safety goggles for several applications. Here are some:


  1.  You can use our safety goggles to protect your eyes from any chemical sprays, dangerous chemical vapors, and any other splashes.
  2. Another everyday use of safety goggles is in painting industries to protect the eyes of the sprayer.
  3. Safety goggles can also be used in construction industries.