• Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh Nebulizer

1)Oscillation frequency: 100khz+/-10%

2)Condensation rate:>=0.25ml/min

3)Atomized particlesL=<5um

4)Medication flow rate: Approx.0.4ml/min


6)Houseing material: ABS

7)Operating conditions: temperature5-40°C

8)Relative hunidity: <80%non-con-densing

9) Power: DC5V/1000mA USB power adapter or 2*1.5v(2 sets of 5AA alkaline,no battery included)



1)Fine particles large fog, fine atomized particles, particles can reach 1-5m, drug absorption more fully.

2)High speed: Microporous spray tablets, atomization speed 0.2ml/min.

3)Flashing light: Green light means normal operation, and red light means no power or insufficient voltage.

4)Energy-saving and environmental protection: skin-friendly and environment-friendly, the mask adoptsPP(polypropylene)as the main material, without DEHP(Plasticizer/)