• Medical Protective Suit

Medical Protective Suit

Our medical protective suits are made up of the highest quality material. Our talented researchers design very carefully so that not a single microorganism penetrates through the suit. Our defensive suite provides you 360 complete protection, and all the openings of the suit containing elastic bands provide a snug fit. Zero bacteria or dust particles enter through the gaps.


We never compromise on quality, and all of our protective suits are certified, and AATCC 42 / AATCC 127 / ASTM F1670 / ASTM F1671 approved tested. Our protective suits are highly durable and can be utilized multiple times.



Size 59*36*59cm
Shelf Life 2 years
Instrument classification Class II
Material Non-woven fabric, Non-woven fabrics
Usage Protection
Color White
Application Hospitals, Government, etc
Type Medical Protective Clothing



Medical protective suits can be used for various applications, and you can utilize them according to your needs. Here are some common applications of our medical protective suit.


  1. The most common purpose of protective clothing is to prevent the consumer from direct exposure to any bacteria, virus, or microorganism.
  2. You can also use medical protective suits for other household uses such as paint jobs, cleaning jobs, and other dirty jobs.
  3. You can also utilize a protective suit to protect your clothing from splashes or dust.
  4. Many people also use medical protective suits for protection from electromagnetic and electrical hazards.
  5. Many foods and drinks companies also use medical protective suits to protect food against contamination by staff.