• Lianhua Throat Refreshing Bacteriostatic Spray
  • Lianhua Throat Refreshing Bacteriostatic Spray

Lianhua Throat Refreshing Bacteriostatic Spray

Lianhua Throat refreshing spray is our best-selling bacteriostatic spray in our disinfection category, and we’ve 100% positive customer feedback. This bacteriostatic spray is highly affected and super-fast. You can experience the effect immediately. Lianhua Throat spray contains 100% authentic ingredients and is made up of honeysuckle, green tea, and licorice.


The active formula helps you reduce throat irritation by acting as an anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic agent. The chosen oropharyngeal targeted cooling agent works directly on the mouth and pharynx and combines pure herbal green tea taste with the lemon flavor.


The herbal solution in the form of an aerosol is gas-atomized to form micro-dew, which can directly reach the mucosa in the pharyngeal, allowing for rapid and effective absorption.






Product name LIANHUA Throat Spray
Function Relieves Sore Throat
Size 3.6X2.6x9.6cm
Material Natural plant/Chinese herb
Delivery time 10-15 Days
Color Blue





Our premium Lianhua throat spray is best for sore throat, bad breath, dry throat and provides instant relief with fresh breath.


  1. The primary purpose of Lianhua throat spray is to provide instant relief for a sore and dry throat. 
  2. Our throat spray provides you with fresh breath and removes any mouth smell, especially for alcohol and tobacco consumers.
  3. This throat spray removes throat dryness and leaves a scented lemon tea flavor in your mouth. 
  4. It prevents harmful bacteria from entering your mouth and saves you from 99.9% of viruses.
  5. Our Lianhua throat spray comes with a long throat tube to get the maximum application and provide instant relief from sore throat.