• Intelligent Incontinence Cleaning Robot

Intelligent Incontinence Cleaning Robot

Box A (Principle Machine):89.5*50*67.5cm /33.85Kgs                                                                            Box B:(Working Heads and other accessories): 68*44*31 cm/5.25Kgs                                                          1X20 GP Loading:  72pcs                                            1X40 GP Loading:  150pcs                                                1X40 HQ Loading:  168pcs                                                                                                      


Features :
1. Automatic recognize excrement of incontinence patients, and clean accordingly.
2. Automatic recognizes patient’s body position, and clean accordingly.
2. Clean the private parts with warm water.
3. Dry the private parts with warm air.
4. Aion air purification to remove the bad smell.
5. Disinfect the water with UV equipment.
6. Automatic recording of the urine and feces data.                                                                                                                        

Applicable: postoperative mobility inconvenience/fecal incontinence/long-term bedridden paralysis/dementia and disability