Wet Wipes

Chose Your Quality Conscious Wholesale Baby Wipes Supplier

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a reliable and trusted baby wipes manufacturer. We produce the best quality baby wipes by using highly advanced manufacturing machines and technologies. Our talented, trained, competent workforce operates these machines and production systems. It does so under a specialist team’s supervision. We only sell high-quality baby wipes in the market. Our international quality examination team helps us by evaluating our baby wipes’ quality daily. Talented quality evaluators from worldwide guide this team in evaluating the quality of baby wipes’ quality. We are known for charging the lowest price for baby wipes in the wholesale market.


Advantages of our baby wipes for your retail and wholesale business


Quickly protects infants from rashes

We equip our baby wipes with the ability to protect babies from rashes quickly. They do so by letting parents and caretakers remove the irritants causing rashes. In this manner, they help restore the natural healthy pH balance of the baby’s skin. 



We are a wholesale baby wipes maker who produces hypoallergenic baby wipes. Therefore, your customers will not complain about their babies suffering from allergies after using them.


Use mild ingredients

We are a reputed baby wipes manufacturer who uses mild ingredients to produce baby wipes. Thus, infants will not suffer from diaper rashes and discomfort after getting exposed to them. 



Our baby wipes are extremely durable. They will not get torn while your customers use them to clean their infants. Therefore, your customers will not complain about them getting torn. 


Gentle texture

The texture of our baby wipes is gentle, as they do not contain alcohol. Hence, your customers will not feel harsh while cleaning their infants with them.


Simple to supply

Our baby wipes are lightweight. Hence, you can simply deliver them to your customers without charging them high delivery charges.


Our Efforts to Offer the Best Service

Our company is working daily to make our baby wipes more durable. We are doing this to ensure that they last for a longer time. We are trying to make them easier to use. Apart from that, we are also making efforts to increase their supply and production speed. Our company is doing this to reduce their wholesale price in the competitive international market. As a reputable supplier, we prioritize timely deliveries. Thus, we will get baby wipes delivered to you through our shipping contractor on time.