Nitrile Gloves

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Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a well-known based in China nitrile hand gloves manufacturer of the world. We are the exclusive medical nitrile gloves exporter who uses high-quality synthetic rubber polymer to manufacture the best nitrile gloves. The reason for our hype as the prime China medical nitrile glove exporter with our products being exported to various regions and countries of the world is that we make latex-free, powder-free nitrile gloves that won’t cause any allergic reactions on your skin, unlike the low-quality nitrile gloves that you find in the market. The qualities of our nitrile gloves are that they have excellent puncture and tear resistance, exceptional chemical resistance, comfortable fit, and wearability, highly waterproof, and much more.


Explore The Wide Range of Uses of Our Nitrile Gloves

The astonishing durability of our nitrile hand gloves is what makes us the finest China nitrile disposable gloves supplier nationally and internationally. We are popular in the world as the premium quality medical nitrile gloves exporter. Our nitrile gloves create a rigid wall against any pathogen, bacteria, and virus. It doesn’t even allow liquids like blood and body fluids to penetrate through it. Our gloves are safe to use for examining patients as they do not cause any potential harm to anyone in any way. In fact, we have also been named as the top-tier nitrile disposable examination gloves manufacturer and we're also known for our top-of-the-line respiratory care portable bag. The AQL of our nitrile hands is beyond the standard. Therefore, we have been regarded as the china medical nitrile glove exporter not just nationally but internationally.      


Premium Quality at Wholesale Rates

Our wholesale box of nitrile gloves contains 100 pieces of nitrile gloves. The price that we charge for the quality and comfort that is provided in our nitrile gloves is unmatchable. The affordability of our high-quality nitrile hand gloves has helped us grow rapidly in such a little while. For us, the satisfaction of our customers means a lot, and for that, we keep working on the quality and pricing of our product. The fast and easy shipment of bulks and bulks of quality products is another plus point of choosing us.