Medical Disposables

Buy Hygienic Medical Disposables from Wholesale Nitrile Gloves Supplier


It is time to purchase medical disposables from Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. There are many reasons to choose us. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, pathologists, and phlebotomists consume them in masses. You can select us as your medical injection supplier for unstoppable supply. There will be an abundance of disposable equipment once you start buying from us.


Who Needs Our Sterilized Medical Disposables? 


Every medical professional needs our disposable products. We are a wholesale nitrile gloves exporter who can manufacture them in bulk. They are for hospitals, laboratories, vaccination centers, and clinics. There will be safe withdrawal and injection through each wholesale medical injection. Pharmacies can purchase them from Yiling Biotech for their customers.


Waterproof Nitrile Gloves that Have Zero Permeability


Diseases will not spread once medical professionals wear them. They will be safe from germs. Nothing can pass through our penetrate-proof gloves. They have zero permeability, which makes them completely safe. We use PE and rubber for the production of wholesale nitrile gloves.


They are Latex-Free, and There is No Risk of Allergy 


What makes them different is there will be no risk of allergy. No one will have to worry about that. We manufacture them with latex-free material. This is why users will not be having any irritation on their hands. Not only do they block germs, but they are skin-friendly. Retailers can purchase them from us. We are a wholesale nitrile gloves exporter.


Breathable Bandages, First-Aid Plasters, Gauzes, and Pads 


There is high air permeability in our bandages. Wounds will recover better and naturally. We use 4 to 16 plies in our bandages. You can find crepe bandages of polyester, cotton, and nylon here. We have first-aid plaster tapes of PU, PVC, PE, and EVA. Patients will have no irritation on their skin. 


Sterile Syringes for Safe Withdrawal and Injection


Yiling Biotech’s wholesale medical injection is sterile. Medical professionals will find these sterile syringes much safer. Every act of injections and samplings will be hygienic with accurate results. Also, the withdrawal of fluids like blood from patients will be safe. Our disposable syringes are completely sterile. 


Safe Material for Syringes with Custom Production


We know how crucial it is. Resultantly, we manufacture them with top-grade PE and PP materials. We provide custom services also. You can purchase syringes in sizes from 1 ml to 60 ml. We are a custom medical injection supplier that has many options for you. 


Cotton Balls and Swabs for Wounds Cleaning 


Our collection includes cotton balls and swabs also. They can help to clean wounds and skin surfaces. These cotton balls can create cushioning between a bandage and the skin. From cleaning wounds to covering them, they are very beneficial. 


Blood Collection Bags and Sampling Tubes


You can purchase medical blood collection bags from us. We have sample collection tubes for high consumption in hospitals and laboratories. Just like wholesale medical injection, we have large numbers of sampling tubes. We manufacture them with glass and PET materials.