Combat Pandemic and Pollution with Disposable Face Mask Supplier 


Fight every airborne disease with the help of Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We produce medical facemasks for everyone in the world. Every individual deserves protection from diseases. Doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and the rest need life-saving face masks. Our methods, machines, and workers contribute to collective success.


Know Some Reasons to Buy Our Facemasks 


Yiling Biotech is a disposable medical mask manufacturer you should choose. We ensure protection from bacteria, germs, dust, and viruses. People can wear them in hospitals, vaccination centers, offices, or anywhere. No spread of germs will take place when people are wearing them. The number of patients will reduce with the help of our masks. There is more below.


Protection Against Airborne Germs


Germs are everywhere in a viral season. People can avoid the spread of disease with the help of our medical facemasks. Deadly germs will not be able to pass through them. We manufacture them with non-woven fabric. It makes them ideal for protection against SARS, COVID, influenza, etc. 


High Barrier for Full Coverage of Mouth and Nose 


No viral disease will be able to spread if people wear these facemasks. We are a disposable face mask supplier that ensures this high barrier. This barrier between face and environmental contaminants is the core need here. We work on the improvement of facemasks by using better fabric in production. The nose and mouth will get full coverage for ease of breathing.


Customization for Adults and Children Facemasks


We have massive machines for the production of facemasks in different sizes. Both adults and children will be able to wear them. This makes us a custom manufacturer for every age of person. To place orders for a specific size of facemasks, use our custom services.


Non-Woven Fabric Against Suffocation


We use non-woven fabric in the production of facemasks. This helps users to get better respiratory functions. Our facemasks maintain airflow to avoid any suffocation. This makes them useful for everyday use. Even in hot weather, they maintain airflow. This allows breathing to facemasks wearers amid viral diseases.


Highly Preferable for Medical Professionals 


Medical professionals can not proceed with any surgery without facemasks. They need facemasks from Yiling Biotech for full protection against germs. We are a disposable medical mask manufacturer that knows the demand for it. Therefore, we produce comfortable and protective facemasks for medical professionals. 


Supplying Facemasks at Factory Rates to Every Buyer


Buyers should purchase facemasks from us as we have wholesale prices. We offer really affordable rates to every buyer in the industry. Whether they are local or international buyers, we offer cut prices. It makes us a prime seller in the wholesale industry of facemasks.


Yiling Biotech Has a Large Production Capacity 


The production size is huge in our factory. We can produce 10,000 pieces and more in a short time. As a wholesale disposable face mask supplier, we produce them in bulk. We also offer private label services for facemask production. Everyone can avail of it who wants bulk purchase.