Incontinence products

Adult Diapers Manufacturer with Many Incontinence Products

Patients in severe conditions deserve incontinence products from Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. We know how much care a patient needs in times of distress. We are a disposable underpads manufacturer with the best fabric. We contribute to comforting patients with our incontinence clothing. Our company is a well-organized name in this whole industry. We manufacture wholesale adult diapers that can prevent discomfort.

Reasons Why People Need Our Incontinence Products

Our incontinence clothing will prevent stains on clothes and bedsheets. This is why buyers need to purchase wholesale disposable underpads from us. There will be no ugly smell in patients’ clothes and bedsheets. There are more reasons why hospitals, clinics, and retailers need us.

Super Comfortable and Skin-Friendly

The fabric we use in the production is very soft. As a result, there will be no or the least rashes on patients’ skins. That comfort level will be much more than people can think of. Therefore, we call them skin-friendly diapers and underpads. Always purchase them from us as we are a disposable underpads manufacturer. We use non-woven fabric to reduce every risk of discomfort for patients. It will bring peace of mind to them when they finally wear our incontinence clothing. 

Breathable Fabric with High Absorption Rate

The skin has pores that breathe oxygen all the time. We manufacture incontinence clothing with high breathability. To ensure that, we use wood pulp, toilet paper, SAP, and PE in production. They make wholesale adult diapers much more efficient against human waste. The absorption rate is very high, which gives enough time for the caretaker to react. 

Selling Incontinence Products at Cut Price

Our incontinence products are so affordable and easily available. We supply them to many buyers at factory rates. We sell wholesale disposable underpads to bulk buyers around the world. These affordable prices are a sigh of relief for bulk buyers. No need to worry about price when you are purchasing from us. We have really feasible prices for buyers.

Providing Big Relief to Patients 

Save patients from further pain by providing top-quality diapers from Yiling Biotech. There will be no more suffering for patients because we have comfortable diapers.  This is one of the reasons why we are a well-established adult diapers manufacturer. Patients will not have to go to the toilet anymore. Our incontinence products will relieve them all the time.