Healthcare Products

We are Healthcare Products and Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer 

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is here for all the doctors, nurses, veterinarians, pathologists, and phlebotomists. We can supply healthcare products to medical professionals for their safety. We are also an oxygen therapy system dealer for patients with lung problems. Our name in this industry is well-known because of our methods and success.


Explore Our Healthcare Products for Safety and Hygiene

You need us for extraordinary protection from germs and viruses. Our nitrile gloves will protect all users from contracting any disease. In the world of hospitals and laboratories, every professional needs our healthcare products. There will be a barrier between medical practitioners and patients for high safety.


Protective Facemasks Against Diseases and Dust

People who wear our facemasks will have super protection from airborne diseases. Germs can’t pass through these multilayer facemasks. They protect from germs as well as from dust particles. People can wear non-woven fabric masks against traffic pollution. Likewise, we are an oxygen therapy system trader. People who have trouble breathing can use these devices. 


Incontinence Products with Leakproof Fabric

Purchasing leakproof diapers and underpads from us will be really helpful. They have water-locked fabric, which can keep the skin dry. Much comfortable and soothing fabric we use in them. We are also a hand sanitizer dealer for complete hygiene. Caretakers and medical professionals can keep their hands sanitized all the time.


Anti-Bacterial Wipes for Complete Hygiene  

Cleaning patients’ bodies will be much simpler with our anti-bacterial wipes. We make them suitable for the skin without any risk of reactions. You can purchase wet wipes from us for medical use. We sell wet wipes as well as best nitrile gloves to every buyer.


Soft Fabric with Skin-Friendly Nature

We use soft fabric for the production of healthcare products like wipes and diapers. They do not cause rashes on the skin upon any kind of friction. Wiping the skin will be an effortless task with our wet wipes. Even our incontinence products have a soothing nature.  


Varieties of Wet Wipes for Medical and Cosmetics

Our wet wipes are handy for medical professionals as well as for general users. You can clean dirt as well as makeup from the skin. They are suitable for both purposes. We are a hand sanitizer manufacturer who can complete the package. Hand sanitizers are essential after cleaning the body or wounds.


Purchase Health Care Products at a Very Feasible Price

The most important thing is the price. Our prices are very low in this industry of healthcare products. We sell wipes and incontinence products with discounts. Budget-friendly prices make us an affordable supplier in the market. Every retailer can purchase from us whether he has a low or high MOQ.  


Bulk Orders and Option for Private Label Service


We have a huge capacity of production for healthcare products. Whether it is about 5000 or 20,000 pieces, we can produce in bulk. Not only disposables, but we are an oxygen therapy system producer too. We offer private label services to every bulk buyer in the market. You can also become our client.