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YilingBiotech has been one of the leading Chinese herbal medicine suppliers and health care product suppliers for almost a decade. We have a wide range of Health Foods and Herbal Medicines. We’re proud to say that we’re among the best Chinese Herbal Medicine distributor. We never compromise on quality as we know customer satisfaction is a must in our industry. We’re a certified wholesale health food exporter in China. Our company’s main business module is “Research & Development” in Medical Science. We’re pleased to contribute our research and development to the pharmaceutical industry.

High-Quality Wholesale Health Food Soft Capsule Supplier

Get the best and affordable rates at YilingBiotech on the best health food soft capsules, syrup, and Lianhua Lund clearing tea capsule. We’re the leading Lianhua Lung clearing tea capsule exporter in China and offer the fastest export options worldwide. YilingBiotech provides you with the best and fastest shipping methods, and we have the best contracts with shipment companies that aid us in immediate shipping.


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We have a wide range of high profit-making health food products. We specialize in Health food, Chinese herbal medicines and surgical face masks like our top selling products include:

· Health Food Spine Date Seed Syrup

· Yiling Lianhua Qingfei Tea Lung Clearing Tea

· Soy Lecithin Soft gel & Disposable masks

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YilingBiotech never takes this brand as a high profit-making health food exporter. We aim to provide our beloved clients with the best premium quality health food and best health food syrup. Our low-profit margin makes YilingBiotech products super affordable for any new business, and our fast delivery process won’t let you wait for your health products.  We’re the best health food syrup wholesaler and have a wide range of health food syrups, capsules, medications and medical protective suits. We have a dedicated quality assurance department for international quality standards on all our products.