Disinfection Product

Your Chosen Wholesale Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a reputable wholesale hand sanitizer manufacturer in the industry. We produce high-quality hand sanitizers by employing skilled, talented, and trained workers. These workers use the latest manufacturing machines to produce those sanitizers. An expert team plays a role in supervising the employment and performance of these workers.


We produce hand sanitizers by employing an international quality assurance team to examine their quality. International experts ensure that quality assurance team examines the hand sanitizers’ quality. We are selling hand sanitizers by charging the lowest price in the highly competitive wholesale market. 

Advantages of Using Our Hand Sanitizers

We equip our hand sanitizers with the ability to quickly wash people’s hands. Thus, your customers can quickly get rid of all the germs from their hands. In this manner, they can protect all their body parts from getting exposed to germs. Our hand sanitizers are very portable. Your customers can carry them while moving from one place to another. We produce lightweight hand sanitizers. We supply hand sanitizers to the customers without charging them high freight charges.  

Providing You the Best Service

We are developing new user-friendly variants of hand sanitizers to meet the growing customers’ needs. Our company aims to reduce the wholesale price of hand sanitizers by using advanced supply chain management techniques. We are also making efforts to increase our production speed to reduce lead time. These efforts will be beneficial for our customers who we aim to serve in the market. Our company prioritizes your time and tries to meet delivery deadlines.