May 20,2022

The Ultimate Guide To Using Antibacterial Hand Creams And Washing Your Hands Properly!

Amid the outbreak of the pandemic in the form of COVID-19 and various other diseases that are seen to be spreading around along with the bacteria and viruses that can easily spread with the contamination, whenever welcome in contact with a person who is sick or even if we do not come directly in contact with a person who is sick but even if we come across any such things that have been contaminated by a sick person there is a lot of chance that one might get infected too. While continuing our daily tasks, we see that one cannot avoid coming in contact with the materials that could be infected as they could be the things that we get to use very commonly. It could be in the form of the buttons of an elevator or a door knob, buttons of an Atm machine and various other things that we might not even notice. However, twenty seconds of care and concern can be helpful and preventing various different diseases and protecting yourself from different types of infections as well. It is done by taking good care of your hands, washing them properly and using a good quality antibacterial hand cream to avoid germs and prevent contamination and the spread of germs and viruses that can cause various types of diseases.

Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Your Hands?

Hands are the part of the body that is most widely seen to be used, whenever we go around or perform many routine tasks. Although it might seem very complicated to understand how germs and bacteria over the hands can lead to various different diseases, if we pay a little attention, this would all make sense. We see that the use of hands is done quite frequently, when you leave your house, using the elevators or from opening the doors, shaking hands with the people that you meet and pressing buttons whether it is the buttons of the ATM machine or a door bell of someone’s place we use our hands to perform these tasks, we come across a various different application that requires the use of hands. This is the part of our body that is mostly exposed and usually becomes a mean of transfer of germs in a way that whenever we touch a contaminated person or an object the germs are transferred to our hands that are later used by us while having food or we might touch our face with our face leading to the spread of germs and diseases. Thus, it is considered very important to take care of your hands by washing them and using products that can prevent the spread of germs like a sanitiser or an antibacterial hand cream. although these steps are the easiest steps that one could perform but these small steps can provide protection against bacteria and viruses and help you stay healthy.

Why Do I Need An Antibacterial Hand Cream?

 Although it is observed by the scientist and various health-based organizations that in order to prevent the contamination and the spread of germs, washing your hands properly as described according to the methods that are described World Health Organization, one would be able to overcome most of the bacteria as most soaps are already antibacterial in nature. However, there are certain times when there is no availability of the facility that could allow you to wash your hands well. There comes the role of these antibacterial creams and sanitisers, this could be while you are travelling or you are at a public place where there is no place to allow you to wash your hands. These antibacterial products are highly beneficial in the way that they provide good protection against germs and diseases instantly without any effort as they work almost as efficiently as washing your hands thus allowing you to stay germ-free even when you are unable to wash your hands. They can be carried around in your car, your bags, and your pockets, and this would ensure that you have an access to a germ-free solution all the time.

Antibacterial hand creams and Sanitizers are the products that consist of substances that are effective to kill the bacteria this includes the use of substances like alcohol as these are the substances that can be helpful in reducing the amount and type of germs that can be there over your hands not only does it removes the bacteria that is there but it also helps in removing the contamination that could be there due to exposure to different chemicals, however, the antibacterial creams and sanitisers that have a lower alcohol content might not be as effective as they should be.

When Can We Use Antibacterial Hand Creams And Sanitizers?

 Although a lot of centres for disease control recommend that washing hands with a bar of soap and water is always more preferred in order to reduce the number of bacteria and to remove the contaminations as it is effective against all types of bacteria. However, in case of unavailability of soap and water one must prefer the use of antibacterial creams and sanitisers that contain at least up to sixty per cent of alcohol, although they might not be effective against all sorts and types of germs, they can be helpful in reducing the maximum number of germs. They can be used:

1.       Whenever the hands look dirty and soap is not available.

2.       Before, and after the prepared food.

3.       Before you eat.

4.       Before and after contact with an ill person.

5.       Before and after treating a cut or an injury.

6.       Over a sore or wound.

7.       After the toilet or after changing diapers.

8.       After coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose (especially when you are sick)

9.       After touching animals or their waste.

10.   After touching garbage.

11.   Coming in contact with body fluids.