Sep 20,2021

The 2021 Service Trade Fair designated an anti-epidemic brand-Linglianhua, dedicated to boosting the development of Chinese medicine

From September 2nd to 7th, the 2021 China International Trade in Services Fair with the theme of "Digital Enabling the Future, Service Promoting Development" was held at the Beijing National Convention Center and Shougang Park. As the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade, this service trade fair attracts relevant leaders from the government, the pharmaceutical sector, the health industry, and international organizations to gather together to discuss exchanges, and help companies expand business opportunities in multiple ways to hedge against the impact of the epidemic. It also demonstrated China's power in epidemic prevention and fighting from many aspects. As the leading brand of anti-epidemic products and the designated anti-epidemic brand of this service trade fair, China Lianhua has become one of the biggest highlights of the exhibition. Ling Health Technology showcased China Lianhua through on-site results release conferences and product experiences. The results of the anti-epidemic.


This session of the Service Trade Fair held 6 types of activities: global service trade summits, forums and conferences, exhibitions, promotion negotiations, results releases, and side events, in order to promote the establishment of a new development pattern and the high-quality development of my country’s foreign trade, deepen international cooperation and participation Global economic governance has played an important role. It is worth mentioning that this year's Service Trade Fair has attached great importance to health services, and Yiling Health, which had outstanding performance during the epidemic, has also become one of the high-profile companies at the Service Trade Fair.


Yiling Health Technology is Yiling Pharmaceutical focus on the health industry, it is based on traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy Ridge, one of the three main strategic layout of the international pharmaceutical, health industry effort to build a subsidiary. The Lianhua brand is an innovative brand focused on respiratory health created by Ling Health Technology using the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and integrating modern technology. In the results release hall of the Service and Trade Fair, Zhang Yunling, executive deputy general manager of Yiling Pharmaceutical and chairman of Yiling Health Technology, gave a scientific and technological achievement conference of "China Lianhua World Sharing", from the origin of Lianhua brand to the display of series of products. To contribute to the fight against the epidemic at home and abroad, Lianhua's respiratory health products were introduced from a multi-dimensional and omni-directional perspective.

Zhang Yunling said: In the fight against the new crown epidemic, Chinese medicine has demonstrated its unique advantages and has become a highlight of the epidemic prevention and control. In particular, it is worth mentioning that Lianhua Qingwen, the representative of the "three medicines and three prescriptions" of Chinese medicine to fight the epidemic, played an important role. As soon as the epidemic broke out, we were thinking about how to move Lianhua Qingwen’s “immediate treatment” of new coronary pneumonia to the stage of “prevention before disease”. To this end, we have made unremitting explorations and bold innovations on the basis of Lianhua Qingwen’s intensively researched herbal formulas, and extended the formula’s ability to inhibit and kill viruses and bacteria into the disinfection and protection products. Flower Breath Health series products greatly reduce the chance of infection by blocking the three paths of "human-to-human transmission", "material-to-human transmission" and "environmental transmission" of germs.


Although it is the third day of the service trade fair, the Yiling Health Technology Exhibition Area has attracted many audiences and guests to stop to understand and communicate with Lianhua's respiratory health products, especially the refreshing experience of Lianhua's blast masks. Negotiate.

Lianhua Qingfeng mask burst beads as a mask partner, Lianhua Qingyan antibacterial spray to refresh the throat, and Lianhua herbal air sterilizing gel for the "environmental transmission" of germs have become the focus of the scene. With the normalization of the epidemic situation and the daily use of masks, Lianhua Qingwen masks burst beads because of the characteristics of masks that are not stuffy and cover, not only are they sold in the domestic market, they are also recognized by foreign consumers; "Spray the pharynx", the instant refreshing experience of the flower clearing the pharynx and the scent of lemon tea made the on-site experience repeatedly praised and attracted the attention of many guests; the Lianhua herbal air sterilizing gel displayed on site, Contains the innovative patent "Lianhua Herbal Antibacterial Essential Oil (HABO)". With the blessing of black technology, it can achieve 24-hour sterilization without dead ends, and it has become a favorite indoor, car and other space sterilization product by consumers.

As the designated anti-epidemic material for the conference, Lianhua Health Pack also shines in this exhibition. Yiling Health Technology provides free Lianhua health packs for all guests at this event, including Lianhua Qingfeng mask burst beads, Lianhua herbal air sterilization gel, Lianhua Qingyan antibacterial spray, and Lianhua disposable medical Masks, Lianhua disposable hand sanitizer, etc. remind everyone to protect themselves while communicating at the exhibition.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and also the year when the "14th Five-Year Plan" began and the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way began. Against the background that the global epidemic situation is still severe and complex, it is of great significance to successfully hold this session of the Service Trade Fair to expand the opening up of service areas and promote the domestic and international dual cycle. In the face of the post-epidemic era, the growth potential of the Chinese medicine industry and the general health industry, Yiling Health Technology will take this event as an opportunity to continue to inherit innovative Chinese medicine and work with more partners to promote the development of Chinese medicine. , Let Chinese traditional culture go out and play a greater role in safeguarding human health!