Jun 27,2022

How Has Toothpaste Evolved? A Brief History

Toothpaste is a substance consisting of paste or gel type form that is used on a toothbrush to clean your teeth. The toothpaste white substance helps in getting rid of food particles and plaque from your teeth and has a greater role in removing bad breath from your mouth. Toothpaste consists of a wide range of ingredients. For instance, the essential ingredient fluoride’s primary function is the protection of teeth and preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Toothpaste plays a vital role in dental care, and dentists suggest brushing our teeth twice a day. Preferably, one should brush teeth after taking every meal; if that’s not possible, then twice a day works.


Back In Ancient Times:

Toothpaste has a long history; one that dates back 4,000 years! People utilized various materials to clean their teeth, including sand, ground-up fish bones, and salt! It wasn't until the late 1800s that toothpaste was first sold in tubes, and it wasn't until the mid-1900s that fluoride was put into toothpaste for the first time. Toothpaste has undoubtedly evolved since then, with many options available such as gel, paste, and stripes.' At the present time, there is a wholesale toothpaste brand to meet everyone's needs. There is also toothpaste for dogs, such as liver-flavored dog toothpaste!


Various Kinds Of Toothpaste Available In The Market:

There are various forms and kinds of toothpaste available these days on the market, and regarding oral health, selecting the correct product feels like a scary movie. So many questions arise when selecting toothpaste for yourself, such as if you want anti cavity or antiplaque? Is it a good idea to go for the whitening option? What about the ingredients like desensitizing? It is in human nature that we get amazed at finding something which is cheaper. But this should not be the case with new toothpaste because new toothpaste imparts an immense role in oral health. One should consider six things before investing in a new toothpaste.


Is The Toothpaste ADA Approved?

Whatever toothpaste you choose to buy, it should be labeled with the ADA seal of approval. This symbolizes the safety of a product that can be used without any harm. It also guarantees to live up to its promise in terms of efficacy. If toothpaste does not fulfill these basic requirements, possibly it is not worth the cost.


Is The Toothpaste Comprised Of Fluoride?

Fluoride is beneficial in stopping tooth decay and helps get rid of plaque. One must choose fluoride-contained toothpaste that helps improve oral health.


Purpose Of Toothpaste:

variety of toothpaste is made to attain various things, such as desensitizing, preventing tartar, cavity control, gingivitis control, and whitening. It all depends on your personal choice and liking, which will play a part in defining the best for you.


Checkout For Ingredients In Toothpaste:

Many toothpaste labels are hard to read, but it's worth learning to recognize a few common elements. This gives you a greater understanding of what the toothpaste is intended to attain and allows you to accept or dodge specific substances as you see fit. There are two elements that help in aiding sensitive teeth, i.e., strontium chloride and potassium nitrate. If you want your toothpaste goal to keep desensitizing efficacy, then you should check out these ingredients.


One of the debatable ingredients is sodium laurel sulfate (SLS). It has many benefits, such as washing off the plaque, bacteria, and food particles from the teeth, as well as it has some side effects as it may lead to sensitivity of the tooth and can result in mouth ulcers for individuals who have gum sensitivity problems. If your teeth have already been exposed to sensitivity, then you should be careful about this ingredient when buying. If you are using a brand containing SLS, be cautious of swallowing it because it affects health in a harmful way.


Types Of Flouride:

Two types of fluoride are found in toothpaste one is stannous fluoride and the other one is sodium fluoride. Stannous fluoride is the most effective one of the two. Triclosan is a common antibacterial agent in toothpaste, although it is indicated to contribute to extensive bacterial resistance. If this concern concerns you, you should avoid toothpaste, including this component. Xylitol is a new entrance into the toothpaste market, which is a new ingredient. It fights and helps to prevent the building up of plaque.


Does It Have A Tempting Color And Quality?

This may not seem to be concerned about, but it is important actually. If you have chosen toothpaste, but you feel bad about your toothpaste taste or texture, you will be less likely to clean your teeth, which can impact your oral health. On the other hand, if the taste and texture are according to your preference, brushing your teeth will excite you more. When you choose to buy toothpaste for yourself, you should consider all these specific factors in mind. Many kinds of toothpaste are created especially to fight particular situations or problems and may not be suitable for everyone.