Apr 13,2023

PRP Medical Injections for Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

Research on platelet-rich plasma and the utilization of platelet-rich plasma injections to cure hair loss is comparatively new to dermatology. Whereas researchers have carried out clinical research for many years and have recommended that platelet-rich plasma therapy is efficient with various growth factors, several dermatologists have recently started trying it in their medical practices. Due to this, people do not know much about platelet-rich plasma treatment because they need to conduct some broad research into this topic. This blog provides information about platelet-rich plasma therapy, including its benefits. 


What is PRP therapy?


PRP is an abbreviation for platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma therapy employs the best rich plasma that the patient’s blood has to provide as it encourages growth factors, heals wounds faster, and also adds to the stem cells and collagen levels- these are naturally made in the human body to keep people fresh and young. In the patient’s case, dermatologists utilize these growth factors to help the regrowth of thinning hair.


How do dermatologists carry out platelet-rich plasma therapy?


Dermatologists carry the platelet-rich plasma therapy in three steps


Dermatologist starts the platelet-rich plasma therapy by drawing out the blood likely from the patient’s arm.


Then, the dermatologist places that blood into a centrifuge to divide the blood into three layers: red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and plasma rich in platelets. They then utilize the plasma-rich platelets and toss the rest. 


Then, the dermatologist injects the blood injection or plasma-rich platelets into the patient’s scalp using a syringe after applying a local anesthetic.


Who could take advantage of platelet-rich plasma injections?


Platelet-rich plasma medical injections could benefit a broader range of persons than you thought. These plasma injections are loaded with platelets and can be helpful for the following groups.


• Both women and men. Hair thinning and male balding are talked about broadly, but ladies often do not enjoy the same advantage of widespread details. The fact is that ladies can suffer from hair loss because of many various factors.


• People are suffering from androgenic alopecia or other kinds of alopecia. This is also called female or male pattern baldness. It is a genetic health problem that affects about eighty million persons in the United States of America.


• People are falling in a sizeable age range. Several successful medical trials have been tested with persons ranging from eighteen to seventy-two years of age.


• People suffer from hair loss because of high-stress levels. This is not a chronic condition, and medical professionals could treat it simply. 


• People who have recently suffered from hair loss. The more recently people have suffered from hair loss, the better their chances of curing it before it is very late for platelet-rich plasma injections.


• People with balding or thinning hair, but not fully bald people. Platelet-rich plasma injections aim to grow, strengthen and thicken hair from yet functioning follicles, and nevertheless, this might seem weak.



Don’ts and dos for platelet-rich plasma injections


There are specific measures that you must take before and after the plasma-rich platelet procedure is carried out. You must not do specific things if you want to see outcomes of the platelet-rich plasma therapy and protect yourself from suffering its negative side effects.


Pre-procedure dos

• Condition and shampoo your hair before the beginning of the platelet-rich plasma procedure. In this manner, your hair is tidy and free from dirt and grease particles. It offers a sterile atmosphere on your scalp before the dermatologist injects the platelet-rich plasma injections. 


• Consume a healthy breakfast and drink at least sixteen ounces of water. In this manner, you would probably not suffer from nausea, fainting, or dizziness. Please remember that the dermatologist will draw your blood. If you get that done on an empty stomach, you might feel queasy. Thus you probably must fill your stomach before going for the procedure. 



Pre-procedure don’ts


• Do not utilize hair products such as gel or hairspray for at least seventy-two hours before getting yourself injected with plasma-rich platelet injections. This could negatively impact you in the future in terms of side effects.


• Do not drink or smoke heavily beforehand. Heavily smoking or drinking can disqualify you from the process because your platelet count would be significantly lowered. 


Post-procedure do’s

• Resume your daily activities. Plasma-rich platelet injections must not disable you in any manner. Contrary to other processes, people must not experience fatigue or drowsiness. 


• Clean your hair according to your daily schedule until the site of platelet-rich plasma injections is particularly painful or irritated. 



Post-procedure don’ts

• Do not get a perm or color your hair for at least three days after the platelet-rich plasma injections. The dangerous chemicals would irritate the injected site and potentially lead to complications. It also increases scalp pain.


The recovery period after plasma-rich platelet injections


All medical procedures have recovery periods. While your recovery period would not stop you from participating in most daily activities, the pain and side effects in your scalp would normally abate after twenty-one to twenty-eight days. You must completely get rid of them after ninety to one hundred and eighty days. 


Advantages of platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss

• Platelet-rich plasma therapy helps strengthen the hair.


• It adds to the hair's diameter and ensures that thinning of hair does not take place.


• Activation of growth factors and injection of platelets can add to the blood flow to the hair follicles and lead to the thickening of the hair shafts.


• Platelet-rich plasma therapy has been found efficient in adding to hair density.


• Research has disclosed that platelet-rich plasma therapy efficiently treats alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia.


• Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a safe process because it does not require cuts or incisions.


• Since the patient’s own blood is utilized in platelet-rich plasma therapy, they are not likely to suffer from allergies.


• Platelet-rich plasma therapy helps promote the growth of hair transplantations and acts as an improvement for other cosmetic processes.


Does insurance cover plasma-rich platelet therapy?


This would differ from company to company, but several insurance policies do not pay for cosmetic surgeries. Irrespective of the underlying reason, plasma-rich platelet injections are not usually considered medically necessary. Thus, you might need to pay yourself to avail the plasma-rich platelet treatments.

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