Mar 22,2023

5 Tips for Choosing The Right Oxygen Therapy System Company

Many people in the world have severe and mild health problems related to the lungs. They can not breathe properly in rare conditions. Some conditions are connected to diseases and some are related to stress levels. They have to rely upon an artificial way of getting oxygen to keep going. The only way to get them stable is through the use of an oxygen therapy system. A portable device, which can provide up to 90 % - 93% pure oxygen. Patients can carry them wherever they go and they are not very expensive. For retailers who need to purchase these machines, we have some helpful tips. These tips will help buyers to select a reliable company for an oxygen therapy system for the sake of cleaner oxygen for users. 


Look for Certifications and Standards for Manufacturing

International standards have to be followed for A1-grade quality oxygen therapy systems. Without compliance with global standards, it is not possible to pass the clearance of customs. Moreover, there are various reasons in the industry, which contribute to device safety. Even if we put the oxygen therapy system aside, every product in the world has to be manufactured in accordance with some international standards. It is for the sake of meeting minimum safety and production standards. Before selecting a company for an oxygen therapy system, you must search for its standards and certifications. 


Certifications are important when we talk about the production of anything in the industry. In the case of medical supplies, what we normally see are some core certifications. Without them, it is not possible for a supplier to conduct business.  ISO 13485 (Quality management),
ISO 14971 (risk management in medical devices),
ISO 62304 (software in medical devices), and 

ISO 10993 (biological evaluation of medical devices)  You must know about these certifications to find out the production standards of the company. This will help you select the right company for the oxygen therapy system.


Check the Background, Reviews, History, and License of the Company 

Do not randomly select an oxygen therapy system unless you know about its background and image in the industry. If you are purchasing a few pieces of oxygen therapy machine, you need to search for online reviews of previous buyers. This will make your way clear somehow. If you are purchasing in bulk as a trader or as a bulk consumer (hospital), you must find out about everything from the company’s history to the licenses it has.

Every manufacturing company has to get the license (s) before starting operations. Without a license, it is not possible for a company to start domestic as well as international trading. Furthermore, the history of a company shows how long it has been operating in the industry, which is also a sign of maturity. If you are about to select the right company for the oxygen therapy system, make sure you do thorough research about the background and history.

Moreover, it is about the credibility of a company you need to check. There are several ways you need to use to do supplier analysis before choosing the right company. It takes time because due diligence is a lengthy process. After you complete this process, it will reward you by giving a suitable company of oxygen therapy system to you.   


Measure Quality, Features, Accessories, and Warranty 

The third most important tip is about finding out everything about the oxygen therapy system. It is about how the machine works, how many features are in it, and how long it can last. Without this part, it will be useless to do all the research. This means you must know about the battery duration of this machine. Charging and consumption time are important here. Its weight is also a factor because too much weight will be a problem for people who have to carry oxygen therapy systems with them. Its portability is a fundamental feature here for patients.

If it is a user-friendly machine, then it is fine. If it is not, you may need to find a different model or a company. There must be options for adjustment and setting of oxygen flow rate. There must be an oxygen level monitor as a main feature. Some companies provide oxygen saturation and flow level options too. Besides, you can find additional accessories like a nasal cannula, carrying bag, charger, trolley, etc. They are considered among the core factors in an oxygen therapy machine. If a company is providing these options in a machine, you need to go for it. However, you may find slightly different options but similar results because all the manufacturers have almost standardized production.


Compare the Prices and Production Methods

Prices are the second-last tip you need to add to your consideration list. Many companies are out there that offer low prices but their product quality might be low. It is better to purchase a high-standard oxygen therapy machine at an expensive price than risk lives for low prices. But it does not happen all the time. You can find lots of companies who offer low rates as well as top-level machines at the same time. What you need to do is do a complete costing analysis on the basis of quality, supply chain cost, and price of the oxygen therapy system.

Get quotations from different suppliers and then compare them. This comparison will make it easier for you to select the right company. Sometimes a new company has better rates and quality than a senior company. This is what you can see in the industry amid modern technology accessible to every company. In addition, you must look at the production methods to avoid any machine made from hazardous methods. If a company does not follow safety precautions in the manufacturing of machines, their low prices will not be attractive anymore.


Estimated Time of Product Delivery and Return 

The delivery time is important because late delivery can raise many issues. If you are close to selecting an oxygen therapy machine company, you would also consider this step. Shipping is as equally important as other factors are. It is mostly related to bulk buyers who order in large numbers from a supplier. This step is not for a single or a few pieces. Likewise, it also includes shipment payment and delivery methods.  


After that, you need to consider return methods also in case a few machines get defects in them. If you have selected a top company, it will offer repair and return services also. This is the most integral step a company takes to keep its buyers satisfied. In medical supplies like oxygen therapy systems, a reliable company will always accept reverse logistics. Although it is a costly method, it increases the trust of buyers.

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