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Welcome to Yiling Biotech, a pioneering medical technology company at the forefront of cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Yiling Biotech has emerged as a top player in the global healthcare industry, dedicated to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Discover a World of Health and Healing with Yiling Biotech

Welcome to Yiling Biotech, where we are delighted to introduce you to the world of Chinese medicine and the countless advantages it may provide in your life. We believe in the potential of natural treatments to improve your health and well-being at Yiling Biotech. Discover why you should use Chinese medicine to improve your quality of life.

Why Choose Yiling Biotech?


Proven Quality:

 Yiling Biotech is well-known for manufacturing high-quality traditional Chinese medications. Our products are supported by considerable research and manufactured under tight quality control standards, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Time-Tested Remedies:

We provide a variety of traditional Chinese treatments, some of which have been used to promote health and well-being for millennia. These cures have stood the test of time and are trusted by those looking for natural answers.

Holistic Health Approach:

Yiling Biotech believes in treating patients holistically. Our medications are designed to address the symptoms of numerous health disorders and the underlying causes, promoting long-term wellness.


Zero Adverse Effects:

Our products are carefully crafted to deliver relief and improvements without adverse side effects, ensuring their suitability for long-term use.


Explore Our Range of Healing Solutions


Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule:

 Combat liver cancer naturally with our Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsule. It fortifies the spleen, replenishes the kidney, resolves stasis, and removes toxins, enhancing therapy and improving your quality of life.


Xialiqi Capsule:

Improve your health with Xialiqi Capsules. These capsules invigorate the spleen, benefit the kidney, and relieve water retention. They are particularly beneficial for patients with BPH, spleen, and kidney deficiency.


Jinlida Granule:

Regulate your blood sugar effectively using our affordable Jinlida Granule with zero side effects. Enjoy better health and blood sugar control naturally.


Ganoderma Lucidum Health Maintenance Capsules:

 Our Ganoderma Lucidum capsules are designed for longevity, enhancing cardiovascular, cerebral, and immune health while defying the effects of aging.


Tongxinluo Capsule:

A trusted traditional Chinese remedy, the Tongxinluo Capsule relieves hypertension and angina without harming your body. Choose natural healing with confidence.