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Yiling Pharmaceutical is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter of Medicines and Healthy Products in China. Yiling Pharmaceutical has created an innovative operation model which covers five business areas including theoretical innovation, clinical practice, scientific research, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and medical teaching. Over the past 20 years of development, the company, under the business philosophy of carrying forward innovation for the betterment of mankind, has expanded its portfolio to include modern traditional Chinese medicine, chemical pharmacy, and health care products, involving patented traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, TCM decoction pieces, TCM formula granules; health care products, functional foods, disinfection products, health daily chemical products; chemical intermediates, APIs, ANDA products, European generic drugs, and China consistency evaluation products, etc.

Yiling Pharmaceutical is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor & Exporter of Health Care Products in China. We supply people with the daily support and care they need to successfully self-manage their chronic condition, both in health-care settings and at home, we empower all the people to successfully navigate the future of value-based care. The products covers wet wipes, adult diapers, under pads, medical care devices, etc.

As a market leader in the manufacture and supply of medical devices to leading retailers, distributors, and OEMs, Yiling Pharmaceutical works with a lot of valued factories to develop and market unique, effective products, customized to your store brand and private label requirements. Yiling Pharmaceutical strives to serve healthcare professionals and patients with medical goods, healthcare products and innovative solutions, involving medical consumables, medical devices and medical equipments, etc.

About Our Company

Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a key national high-tech enterprise, dedicated to promoting the academic progress of TCM and the industrialization of innovative drugs. Yiling has built a medical and health industry pattern with the coordinated development and mutual promotion of patented traditional Chinese medicine, chemical biopharmaceuticals, and health industry.

At present, it is one of the Top 500 most valuable brands in China, top 20 listed pharmaceutical companies in China, and Top 10 Chinese traditional medicine companies. As of the end of 2022. due to the precious support and professional work of you all, Yiling has obtained nearly 100 TCM-re-lated product approvals from all over the world.

We are proud to show you our product line, you can count on the quality, durability and functionality of the products that we represent. Yiling serves healthcare professionals and patients with medical devices. Our supplier partners in China work closely with us to introduce the latest innovations and developments to our product range. We also supply people with the best daily healthcare products both in health-care settings and at home. Yiling products make your life safer, assist caregivers and help you maintain independence in your own home.

For all the products, you can send orders to us with Yiling brand or your private brand.

Yiling Biotech is a Home of Medical and Healthcare Products


Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the name that should come to your mind every time you need medical products. We manufacture various kinds of healthcare products for the health industry. We have medical blood collection bags, sample collection tubes, and syringes for every withdrawal and injection of fluid. We are a wholesale pulse oximeter supplier also. Besides, we produce durable nitrile gloves with the finest-quality rubber. They are latex-free, and we use only safe PE and rubber in manufacturing. You can buy hand sanitizers for disinfecting the hands with better gels. To cover this range, we manufacture body-cleaning antibacterial sprays for healthcare professionals. 


We are a top medical gauze pads manufacturer that can supply them to hospitals and clinics. Dressing wounds will be safer when you use Yiling Biotech’s gauze pads. Also, we have antibacterial creams and soaps for healthcare professionals. After dressing the patient’s wounds, it is mandatory to wash hands. They can wash their hands with our antibacterial soaps for better protection. As a gauze bandages supplier, we manufacture face masks too.


Buyers can purchase throat cleansing spray for sore throats. We manufacture medical devices like throat sprays and respiratory bags. They are lifesaving as emergency kits for artificial oxygen pumping in a patient’s mouth. Our respiratory bags can help people with oxygen-intake problems. Also, you can purchase air-refreshing beads for a pleasing smell in the room. Patients need to reside in a pleasant environment, which you can get through our plant-oil beads. Many people have vitamin-C deficiency, and you can purchase vitamin-C effervescent tablets from us in bulk.


Hygienic and Super-Safe Medical Gauze Bandages and Pads


If you are looking for a gauze bandages supplier, we are here. We also have expertise in these products where we manufacture different kinds of bandages. You can purchase first-aid plasters for mega usage in blood sampling and testing purposes. Millions and billions of bandages are used in the world every year. We have a huge capacity for bandage production for massive usage in the healthcare industry. If you are looking to purchase pads and bandages in bulk, Yiling Biotech is a medical gauze pads manufacturer for it. Wounds will heal quickly when you use our bandages. Besides, you can purchase cotton balls, cotton swabs, crepe bandages, wound gauzes, and first-aid bandages. All the types are available here for dressing wounds and injuries. Nurses and other healthcare professionals heavily rely on these dressing pads.


Importance of Our Incontinence Products


Many patients struggle to move from their beds. Also, incontinent products are needed by people with problems like chronic diarrhea, multiple sclerosis, and weak bladder. Yiling Biotech is a top choice for patients like them. They can wear incontinence products like diapers and underpads for a comfortable life. Besides, we are a pulse oximeter supplier that helps patients with lung problems. Continuing the importance of incontinence products. They are made of much more breathable material that keeps the skin smooth and fresh. We also work on the leak-proof feature, which makes our diapers and underpads safe for use. They are made of soft fabric, so users can get irritated. These products save people from embarrassment at home and in public places. As a bulk pulse oximeter exporter, we manufacture medical devices and incontinent products. Old-age people who face urinary problems on long trips can use them.  


Why are Adult Diapers Necessary for Patients?


Patients who have chronic injuries in their bladder, legs, or even in the nervous system need adult diapers. They can not control their urine, which makes them vulnerable. We are here to make everyone feel confident by wearing leak-proof diapers every day. We are aware of people who have severe problems related to the bladder and intestines. We ensure the use of multiple layers in the diapers and under-pads to provide comfort. Also, we are a pulse oximeter supplier that has supportive products for people with lung diseases. You can contact us by reaching our website for a whole list of products for your needs. 


What are Intelligent Incontinence-Cleaning Robots?


Things are becoming really advanced, and machines are providing better assistance. There was a time and still going when patients have to wear diapers, and someone is required to change them. That is why many healthcare professionals look for an intelligent cleaning robot supplier for the automatic discharge and cleaning of patients’ waste. As robots are becoming more intelligent, now you can have a robotic cleaner. These robots have multiple options, where users can adjust the functions accordingly. They can collect both solid and liquid waste in the containers. These containers are already attached to them. If you are in search of an intelligent incontinence cleaning robot supplier, just reach us whenever you want.


Try Our Intelligent Incontinence Cleaning Robots for Bedridden Patients


You can purchase these amazing machines from us in bulk. Even if you are looking to purchase at a low price, we are here to sell them. What makes our machines better? It has a comfortable diaper with a pipe connected to it, which transfers the waste into the machine. As an intelligent incontinence cleaning robot supplier, we have installed two buckets inside this device for waste collection and cleansing. Likewise, one contains clean water, and the other contains waste. Once the waste bucket is about to fill completely, it shows an alert on the screen. Then a caretaker/nurse can evacuate the machine. Users can use other features also in the screen attached to it. Yes, we reduce the workload of nurses as an intelligent cleaning robot supplier. Yiling Biotech has the most state-of-the-art technology, which offers cleaning and drying functions also. 


Explore Our Chinese Medicines for Natural Remedies


We also manufacture Chinese medicines for natural remedies. People can treat minor diseases like digestive issues, allergies, flu, etc. Also, our medicines can boost the immune system and the basic strength of the human body. If you are looking to energize patients, you can purchase them from us. We can supply them at wholesale rates to every buyer. Besides, we are a bulk pulse oximeter exporter to provide additional support to asthma patients.


Yiling Biotech Supplies Multiple Health-Boosting Medical Devices 


As you have already read that we are a bulk supplier of these devices. You can purchase a pulse oximeter to read oxygen levels in the blood, which can help to detect hypoxemia. Many patients suffer from this problem, and you can use this handy device to save them. As a bulk pulse oximeter manufacturer, we keep the prices very low. We know that this little machine can help save someone’s life. Also, we have digital thermometers for fever detection in people. You can purchase them at low rates in bulk. You can also find blood pressure testing devices here. Purchasing in large quantities will help you save costs. We are a wholesale pulse oximeter supplier which supplies oxygen therapy machines for asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis patients. People having trouble breathing at high altitudes can use them. Also, you can purchase nebulizers from Yiling Biotech for the treatment of chest problems in kids and asthma patients. 


What Makes Yiling Biotech a Wholesale Supplier?

To meet all the requirements as a medical products supplier, we comply with international standards. Likewise, we have certifications like ISO9000, ISO22000, HACCP, etc. Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a bulk pulse oximeter and healthcare products supplier with low prices. We offer cheap prices to all buyers who wish to purchase in bulk. Since these products have very high consumption, we manufacture them in very large numbers. Many disposable products are available here, which you can purchase at discounted prices. We use PPE, PE, rubber, cotton, and various other materials for the top results. These efforts made us rank in the list of the top 500 Chinese companies.